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International loyalty programs involve marketing services across various sectors, including automotive brands, financial services companies, technology companies, airlines, luxury brands, hotels, and retailers. Establishing an international customer loyalty program such as the one Incremental Marketing use, demands meticulous research on global customer behavior to offer unique rewards that will appeal to a large diversified audience.

Without much ado, let’s discuss what you need to do to establish an international program.  

1. Adopt a multi-channel customer service system

If you want to establish an international loyalty program, you need to be familiar with your customer’s diversified needs across the countries where you want to build your customer base. One of the fastest ways to achieve this is by having a multi-channel customer service system.

An international loyalty program requires learning to understand what your customers in each geographical area want and why they patronize your business. Having this fact will help you connect intimately with your customers across the globe. It will also help create more customer interactions knowing what they want and when they want it.

Using a multi-channel customer service system will also enable you to create an Omni-channel experience. Omni-channel experience happens when customers can relate to their preferred brand across different devices and interfaces. This concept is one of the ways to increase customer satisfaction across the globe. 

More so, the multi-channel customer service system will make your customer service more user-friendly, which is what most customer wants from a company on which they spend their income. Building an international customer base requires intense digital alertness. You might consider adopting live chat tools to help your customer service cover multiple channels at a time. 

Since you will be dealing with a large customer base, you can get AI software such as chatbots to relieve the workload of arranging and attending to the large stream of incoming requests without involving more employees.

2. Build credibility via intimate customer interactions.

Recent research exposed more than 60% of international customers quit patronizing a brand after a poor customer service experience. Dealing with customers across several countries requires many efforts from the customer service team. Remember that most of your customers are not in your country.  the only way available for them to relate with your company is via customer service. Hence, you will have to take it more seriously. 

Research showed that you could prevent about 67% of customer-related issues if your customer service team perform excellently during the first interaction. Your loyal customers want to have the best customer experience possible anytime they relate to your company. Patronizing you from different countries should earn them some recognition. You have to make them feel like you value them and their money, or else they leave you to patronize your competitors who have always been looking for ways to snatch them.

A CRM can be of great help to record past interactions between your customers and your brand. A CRM stores emails, calls, and customized notes that contain specific information about customers. This step will help you create a more personalized customer experience.

3. Understand your customer base

Understanding your customer base is very crucial in establishing an international loyalty program. One thing is will always work for customer loyalty – know your customers’ ultimate needs. When you want to develop an international loyalty program, you need to consider why your customers would like to use it and how. Your answers to those questions depend on the nature of your business and customer. 

Some rewards that can work for international loyalty programs include:

  • Free shipping
  • Exclusive items or sales 
  • Discounts off future purchases 
  • Coupon codes 
  • Email marketing
  • Invitations to international events 
  • Birthday perks 
  • Freebies
  • Special offers

To know what appeals to your diversified customers and what can motivate them to participate in your loyalty program, examine your best-selling products and figure out why they keep coming for them.

4. Deliver added value

Winning a customer’s heart sometimes goes beyond giving them rewards directly. Note that you are not alone in the race to earn your customers’ loyalty; many competitors vice for the same customers. Hence, you have to do something outside the box to edge your competitors. Freebies, discounts, free shipping, and special offers are useful but are not peculiar to your company alone. 

An international loyalty program must build an intimate relationship with customers that goes beyond the purchasing environment. Offering value beyond the purchasing moment shows customers that you are not interested in their lifestyle, not only their money. 

Creating an active customer community is also crucial in establishing an international loyalty program. An engaged customer community will enable your customers from every part of the world connect to share tips, ideas, and reviews about your products or services.

5. Share positive customer experience 

It is a great idea to let people know how well you are treating your customers. If your customers confess that they enjoy doing business with you, why not let the whole world know? Get as much purchaser feedback as possible and share the reviews on its official social media platforms. Let the world know what they stand to get patronizing your business. 

Ensure that you share these positive stories across a wide variety of mediums. Customers prefer the testimony of other customers. They seem to trust their fellow customers more than the company. 

Research showed that most customers visit customer pages to read reviews before patronizing a business. So, you can take advantage by giving them the information they seek about your company to motivate them to become a part of your loyalty program.

If you find it difficult to get reviews about your company, visit some third-party review websites such as Yelp to get access to enough customer feedback in a thread. 

Final Words 

Establishing an international loyalty program is not too different from creating a local one. It only requires more effort, and the passion for understanding initiates an intimate customer-brand relationship that will last long. Most importantly, understanding your customers’ diversified needs across the globe will help you deliver a tailored and influential reward system that will satisfy your customers and keep them loyal to your brand. 

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