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About Us

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With a knowledge base that stems from over 20 years in the Geographic Systems and Cartography industry, Arcturus Consulting understands attention to detail. Our extensive research capability is backed by a staff with over 40 years of combined formal computer sciences education and specialized skills in graphic design and layout. There is no limit to our imagination in designing custom options for print, promotional or web deliverables.

We are well known to historians and the geomatics industry, having worked on such wide-ranging projects as municipal geographical information systems, through to an extensive database supported map of Post and Fort Site Geography of the North American Fur Trade.

With superior cartography projects comes a real need for layout and graphics talent, and our graphics division is dedicated to providing a unique high-quality look and feel for all print and on-line products.

We also have specialists certified in quality customer service who work with you to make your experience with Arcturus fast, positive and uncomplicated. Arcturus Consulting is built on a strong foundation of ethical business conduct, and we value the lasting relationships we have formed with our clients, community, suppliers and employees.

The Arcturus Name

ARCTURUS (Alpha Bootis). Among the very brightest of stars, Arcturus lights northern spring skies. It is the Alpha star of the constellation Boötes, making it the brightest star of the northern hemisphere. Arcturus, the "Bear Watcher," follows Ursa Major, the Great Bear, around the pole, "arktos" being the Greek name for "bear," from which our word "arctic" is derived by reference with the constellation of the Greater Bear. Arcturus is located at a distance of 37 light years and has a velocity relative to the Sun that is higher than other bright stars. Compared with the set of surrounding stars, its movement has long suggested that the star comes from an older population of the Galaxy.





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