Arcturus Consulting pushes the limits of technology in the two distinct fields of contemporary Geographic Information Systems and Mapping.



Arcturus Services

Geographic Information Services

Arcturus GIS Services include contract services that encompass GIS conversion, preparation for custom mapping, digital image processing, rectification of orthophotography, and hardcopy conversion to a GIS format. Data Capture, Data Entry Services and Municipal GIS Services are also provided by Arcturus.

Arcturus can also provide our clients with outsourcing support when they need to augment their staff in order to get their project tasks completed on time. We can provide permanent or temporary staffing to your organization to help you meet your staffing needs. Your organization can arrange to have an experienced GIS analyst on site for one day or several months, depending on your business needs. Our analysts provide such services as data analysis, map production, and data maintenance. They can perform the same tasks every week or work on a variety of projects and tasks assigned by your staff utilizing a variety of GIS tools.


Mapping Services

Contemporary services include the design and creation of custom, base, and thematic maps utilizing all types of digital map data formats in a variety of different projections. Arcturus also offers AutoCAD Drafting Services, Raster to Vector Conversion, and Paper to CAD conversion, Topographic and Cadastral Mapping Services and Parcel Mapping Services.

Historical maps can be also designed and created in-house and as a custom product that bring historic data to life, just as cartographers and explorers have throughout time. Our historical mapping services include the ability to integrate your research data onto current thematic overlays. Custom mapping and design services are also available to enhance your promotional items, corporate supplies or signage.


Our Services in Detail

GIS Data Capture: This service captures various map attributes, facilities, assets, and organizational data and places that data into an existing GIS system or within a database that can be adapted to an existing GIS system. Data capture is accomplished utilizing existing CAD data, or raster information. Once captured, the data can analyzed and 'cleaned’ and assigned the appropriate spatial attributes to place the data in its proper geographic position.

GIS Data Entry: Arcturus Consulting offers large volume GIS data entry with low turn-around time for the creation of databases, electronic word-processing, in all leading electronic formats. Arcturus Consulting’s Data Entry services include online data retrieval and data entry to scour online resources and enter relevant data from various websites into a database.

GIS Data Conversion: GIS data conversion performed by Arcturus Consulting coverts various vector formats to a ready to use GIS state. Arcturus is able to convert from such vector formats such as DGN and DWG to the appropriate GIS data types. The final data can be out putted to various GIS formats such as SHP, Geodatabase, or GeoMedia. If desired the converted data types can then be populated with the appropriate data attributes as per client instructions as an added cost.

GIS Data Maintenance: Arcturus Consulting has the staff and expertise to provide GIS data maintenance within an existing system or within another linked secondary system. This is an ideal situation where the base data does not change and the focus data is updated on a periodic basis rather than on a daily basis. Our staff is more than happy to perform this type of maintenance with the client onsite or in Arcturus’s office with the update provided when the maintenance is complete.

Raster to CAD (Vector) Conversion: Raster to CAD (Vector) conversions is a method to convert documents into electronic formats, which enables them to be efficiently stored in a secure form (not vulnerable to damage). Raster vector conversion is primarily the most viable process of digitization utilized in the industry. Arcturus Consulting offers Raster to Vector services that is cost-effective and of high quality. You can use our raster to vector conversion services to convert various forms of technical drawings, maps, archive drawings, and schematic diagrams. Raster Vector conversion can include different image formats such as IMG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PDF etc. and convert them into fully editable multi-layer digital formats.

Paper to CAD (Vector) Conversion: Paper to CAD conversions are completed with precision and quality, using high quality standards. Arcturus seamlessly converts paper drawings and maps into highly accurate digital files, with the help of paper to CAD conversions. Paper to CAD conversions is the most effective way to document technical drawings and related information in an organized manner. It allows for convenience in handling, storing and maintaining information from paper drawings in an electronic format. Paper to CAD conversions has the added bonus of protecting information on paper from possible damage or loss. The process of paper to CAD conversions results in the delivery of the raster image created from the paper source and the CAD drawing created from the raster data.

AutoCAD Drafting and Design Services: Arcturus offers AutoCAD drafting services and provides cost effective and high quality drafting, and ensures fast turnaround times and accuracy for all types of requirements on AutoCAD services. Our AutoCAD design and drafting services execute the job in accordance to our client’s specified fast urn around time.

Utility Mapping Service: Arcturus Consulting offers conversion services for utility supply lines such as water mains, data lines, telephone lines, power lines, gas mains, and sewer lines. Arcturus can help you in documenting your vital underground and overhead assets digitally. Our extensive experience in digital documentation and proven commitment to excellence will provide you the best quality services as per your requirement. We are experienced using multiple platforms including AutoCAD, Microstation and GIS software such as ArcGIS and Manifold. We specialize in utility mapping which consists of many different services including full system digitization, land base creation, revisions, work order updates, and raster to vector map conversion. Arcturus can also add utility information to your existing digital base maps and design drawings.

Custom Thematic Maps: Thematic maps displaying a topic theme or subject are invaluable when it comes to emphasizing ideas such as yield, soil type, or detailed land ownership. A visual representation can clearly and simply illustrate statistical information about a defined spatial area. Simply provide us with your statistical data in a database or spreadsheet format, and we will design a thematic map based on those statistics for print or digital publication.

Topographic Maps: Topographic maps display the locations and elevations of natural and cultural features of a given area. Standard or customized colors and symbols can be applied. Scales and contour intervals vary depending on the intended use of the map. 3D relief can be generated in order to illustrate the variation in elevation of the topography. The creation of relief is dependent on the availability of the appropriate DEM (Digital Elevation Models) or LiDAR for the map area.